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We want to uplift you guys today cause we know lots of people might be suffering from mental health during this time or just feeling a little bit unmotivated.

Here are some practical tips on how to stay motivated and continue to become the best version of yourself even during lockdown.


One of the things that can help you the most is daily affirmations and daily motivation in the morning. That could be saying simple things like “I am happy”, “I am bold”, “I am grateful”. Just simple things like that that will help you get ready for the day.

You can also do things like looking at a quote, or watching a quick video, or something that makes you laugh and makes you happy that will just set you right for the day.


Something that could help release stress and make you feel better about yourself is exercising.

That could literally just be going on a walk every day, like 10-minute walk. Because by getting the fresh air, it would help you to stop thinking about things that are bothering you or problems that are constantly on your head.


I know this may sound crazy but seeking professional help could be the best way to deal with mental health issues. It’s venting to someone you don’t even know. And even though it may feel strange when you’re speaking to someone unknown to you.

This person could be a therapist, a counselor, or a psychologist. These people can really help in any way that you need.


Checking in on your friends is also an efficient way to help deal with your mental health and keep positive. You could just message them, call them, facetime… anything like that can keep someone’s mindset positive.


One way to cope with mental health issues is through writing everything down.

Having a diary or journal just to keep your emotions and feelings intact. You may also plan your day from beginning till end with fun activities to do for yourself as well.

But also, write down your emotions, your trigger points to what might make you feel anxious, and keep it in a safe place away from everybody else.


What could also help you stay motivated during lockdown is talking to your family who are not living with you.

It would also keep your friendship and relationship with them stronger and make you feel close to them as if you were not away from them.


It’s really important to keep up-to-date with your spiritual well-being. What will help you to reflect on your day or how your mental health is throughout the lockdown would be writing down key notes and reflections of your week, and talking to God.

You don’t even have to talk verbally to Him, you can write down what you want to say or sing, dance, or listen to gospel music.

So you’ve just read some practical ways to stay grounded during lockdown, from the words of our company members. Remember that you are not alone. We’re all experiencing the same thing and we’re basically all on the same boat.

Apply some of these tips to your life. Reading a journal, writing a journal, staying connected to God, going for a walk, daily exercise, daily affirmations…

We’ve given you so many tips on how you can keep your mental and spiritual well-being in check during these times. Stay safe! x

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