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A Queen's Award Winning Dance Company and Community Organisation

Eloquent Dance is a multi-award-winning dance company and community organisation who have been acknowledged for their excellence by achieving the Queen’s Award For Voluntary Services In June 2022. Eloquent Dance offers a unique experience to impact the lives of individuals, by providing an enriching combination where Dance, Empowerment and Community combined is at the “core” of what we do. 

                      Our organisation serves a wide community of individuals ranging from

                    young people to adults and reaches hundreds on a weekly basis from

                  the West Midlands and connecting areas. We offer a variety of services

                including dance classes, dance entertainment, performances, educational

              workshops, masterclasses, theatre events, mentoring and much more. 

           Eloquent prides itself in providing excellent opportunities for growth through

         high quality performing arts opportunities, national and international pursuits,

       qualifications, professional industry experience and much more. Eloquent continues

     to trail-blaze a pathway for dance, empowerment, and community to co-exist within

   the arts in a powerful and unique way.

                 Eloquent supports and nurtures young people and young adults through performing arts
               to unleash their full potential and thrive in the arts. We primarily specialise in using dance
             training to support young people and adults to become versatile dancers who are competent
           in a variety of dance genres. Through engagement in performing arts, positive empowerment
         and character building we aim to build and develop the next generation of dancers,
       performers, teachers, artists and creative leaders.

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Our mission is to positively impact the lives of individuals through a unique combination of dance, empowerment and community. Empowering individually to express themselves and find their unique voice through the arts.

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Our vision is to be renowned for excellence within the arts sector. Impacting the lives of many through dance, empowerment and community both nationally and internationally.



Eloquent is renowned for being a leading dance company based within Birmingham developing the next generation of dancers, performers, teachers, artists and creative leaders.

We offer a range of dance genres including Hip Hop, Contemporary Fusion, Jazz Tech, Commercial, Acro and much more.

ELOQUENT is deeply committed to using dance as a tool for social change. We actively engages with social issues and addresses them through creative and thought-provoking performances and initiatives. By tackling topics such as equality, racial justice, mental health, faith and other relevant issues, the organisation seeks to create awareness, provoke conversations, and inspire positive action within the community.


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Empowerment is the beating heart of the work we do at Eloquent.

We are super passionate about empowering individuals through mentorship, character development, positive physical & mental wellbeing programmes and so much more.

One of the primary goals of ELOQUENT is empowerment. We provide a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can explore their artistic abilities and overcome personal challenges. By offering dance classes, mentorship programmes, creative projects and much more, the organisation strives to empower its members, fostering a sense of self-worth, resilience, and personal growth.




" Eloquent Is My Second Home"

Is what we often hear from those who are apart of our organisation.We pride ourselves in having a strong community approach and family feel to the work we do allowing multitudes of people to be impacted and apart of our forever growing community.

ELOQUENT goes beyond the individual and recognises the importance of community and actively seeks to strengthen the bonds among our members and the wider community. We organise collaborative performances, community events, and outreach programmes that promote inclusivity, cultural exchange, and social cohesion.



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