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Eloquent's Youth Board

We are extremely passionate about allowing our youth the platform to express themselves, sharing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions, overall with a vision to give them the best. So who better to hear from than the youth themselves.

So yes we created our Youth Board!

This has been running for some time, but it’s time to meet our new cohort of courageous leaders who want to lead and have a strong voice in the future of the organisation moving forward whilst being a spokesperson for their age group.

Our Youth Board Members have a big responsibility and a huge part to play in the behind the scenes planning that goes into making our organisation better for its current users and members.

Congratulations and goodluck to our youth board members Nevaeh, Lucca, Tyanna, Ayanna, Gabe, and Makeia!

Here's a peek into them hard at work in one of their meetings...

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