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How much positive press and news stories do we see about young black boys and men?

That's right, we don't see any!

Why is it that every time our young black kings are in the media it is for a negative reason?

Negative press and the media often portrays our kings out to be monsters as opposed to young black kings who are striving for greatness. Our boys are doing some incredible things that we feel should always be highlighted and celebrated. If the media aren't going to do it, we will :)

During lockdown our boys have been:

- Stepping into modelling and exploring new fields of artistry.

- Engaging in mentoring sessions during lockdown.

- Creating and producing music.

- Levelling up in their academic studies and progressing in school.

Eloquent are committed to training and building our young black boys to become men full of integrity and excellence.

We don't just invest in our boys as dancers, performers and artists, but we invest in their character, their attitude and their self development through mentoring and empowerment.

We don't just want to build great performers, although our boys are super talented in the arts. We want to build young black kings who are going to grow into becoming great men who will be great participators of our community.

Join us as we continue to support our young black kings through a multitude of events, programmes, performance opportunities, and so much more.

They need us, as much as we need them.


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