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Eloquent Shortlisted As Finalist At Awards Night Hosted By UK's Largest Retail Bank

The Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards is a place to celebrate the resilience, innovation and creativity of the UK’s business community.

It attracts an enormous variety of organisations and business people, from disruptive start-ups and inventive entrepreneurs to ready-to-scale businesses, established SMEs and FTSE 100 powerhouses, making it the largest and most comprehensive business awards programme in the United Kingdom.

Eloquent Praise & Empowerment Dance Company were lucky enough to be shortlisted as finalist in the 'PURPOSE BEFORE PROFIT' category.

After shortly being awarded the Queens Award For Voluntary Service it has been an incredible year of embracing accolades for Eloquent as we continue to soar higher and break the boundaries for what a modern day social enterprise looks like.

Founders Romanah and Janice attended the event on 8.11.22 at the prestigious Grosvenor House and were grateful to be in the presence of many great business leaders from across the region doing great things within they're respectable sectors.

Sir Trevor Mcdonald, Trinidadian-British newsreader and journalist, best known for his career as a news presenter with ITN hosted the successful event and was kind enough to lend his ear to Romanah and Jan following the awards presentation to hear about the great things Eloquent is doing within our community.

" Although we didn't win it was a fabulous honour to be shortlisted as finalist and in the presence of some change makers! I am really excited to see how this achievement helps us in our pursuit of growing and expanding the business ". - Romanah (Co-founder and Director)

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