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  • Do you have to apply and audition to get into Eloquent
    You do have to apply via our online application form, if you are successful you will be notified via email and invited to attend eloquent for a trial class. Auditions apply to dancers aged 14+ who are applying to be apart of our senior or adult collective.
  • Do you have to wear uniform to classes?
    Yes! We do expect students to come professionally dressed to our classes. OUR EXPECTATIONS -Red Eloquent Tshirt -Black Leggings ( Girls ) -Black jogging bottoms ( boys ) -Eloquent Leotard ( Girls ) However, if you are new to Eloquent you will not be required to purchase uniform straight away and are expected to wear all black clothing. Once you have been apart of Eloquent for 4 weeks we require you to purchase uniform. You can purchase uniform via our online shop right here on our website Click Shop Select the items you wish to order Checkout and buy Wait for your items to arrive ( 2-3week turnaround time)
  • What days are you classes?
    We have classes based in Birmingham and Walsall. To find out more about our class timetable click here:
  • How can I take part in performances and competitions at Eloquent?
    Eloquent have many performance and competition opportunities for students throughout the year. We usually require students to be apart of the company for atleast 4-6months prior before attending any performances so you can settle into classes, understand how we work as an organisation and also build your confidence. In order to be considered for large scale performances and competition opportunities at Eloquent we require a certain level of commitment from our company members: ●Undergo dance training for a minimum of 4 hours a week which equates to 2 classes per week. ●Attend all additional training and rehearsal sessions if any are required. ●Increase your home practice and effectively use the members area of the website.
  • How do payments work?
    As a member of the company, all Class Fees are due on the 1ST of the month only, if no fees are paid then entry into the classes is not permitted and your membership at eloquent may be cancelled. Class fees are paid a month in advance. You ahve the option to pay manually via the invoice you recieve or automatically via Direct Debit. Our customers currently have the option to pay manully via invoice or direct debit whereby the payment will automatically come out of your selected account. As of April 2022, it will be compulsory for all our customers to be on direct debit. Absences : we must be notified of any sickness absence immediately( before or on the day), eloquent will only allow for one absence credit/ class refund within that month. That credit will be applied to your account and rolled over to be used within the following month only. Holiday absences- we must be notified of any holiday 4 weeks in advance.
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